20 Days of Tut Objects. Day 3: Osiris Bed

by | Apr 15, 2020

Day 3: Osiris Bed (Burton Photograph 2024). Happy Easter everyone. It may surprise some to know that the idea of the resurrected was born thousands of years before Jesus Christ. It started with Osiris, first (mythical or real) king of Egypt who long before the pyramids met his end at the hands of his evil brother Seth, who chopped him up and scattered him around egypt. He was gathered up by sister-wife Isis and stitched together by Anubis in first mummification. Happily, Osiris in death, became king of the afterlife, and an important symbol of resurrection, renewal and eternal life for all – especially the dead king. That’s why deep inside Tut’s tomb we find this unusual Osiris bed. Here’s how Carter described it: “Black oblong box containing germinating figure of Osiris” Imagine, in the dark of the tomb, barley seeds were left to grow in fertile soil in the hopes they would sprout for the king, as a symbol of renewal and regeneration. So… are you planting your seeds at home in the dark of our COVID Easter?

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