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Are you looking to book an enriching history course or lecture series for adult and late-life learners? Online or in-person?

A lively way to bring ancient Egyptian history alive for your group?

Seeking a dynamic presenter to shine the ‘light of Ra’ on an Egypt-related topic, creative project? Or deliver engrossing content on all things Pharaonic?

Laura Ranieri Roy, MA Egyptology is an educator, presenter, and writer is accepting booking requests for ancient history events, presentations and teaching assignments. Over the last decade, she has worked with late life learning institutes, museums, groups, cultural associations, libraries – and even school boards.

Laura is founder and director of Ancient Egypt Alive (2013) and its emerging affiliates Ancient Greece Alive and Ancient Worlds Alive.  Her popular virtual tours to Egypt have attracted  5000-plus happy viewers since their launch in December 2020.

Her super power? Educating and inspiring history lovers about ancient civilizations through lively and enriching learning events, online resources and travel experiences.

Laura holds a master’s degree in Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations from the University of Toronto and has excavated at the ancient Greek site of Apollonia in Bulgaria, and in Egypt at Amarna and South Asasif (Luxor). She creates specialized tours and has travelled to Egypt at least 12 times (losing count now).

Laura presents on ancient Egypt and ancient civilizations, and has taught across North America at museums, historical societies, and academic conferences (see below for a full list).

Laura Ranieri

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Laura has taught and lectured on Ancient Egypt extensively over the past decade. Here’s where:


Third Age Network:

  • Late Life Learning, Innis College, University of Toronto
    • Age of the Pharaohs, Winter 2022
  • Later Learning in Retirement (LLIR – based at Glendon College, York University)
    • Wonderful Things: The Life Death and Treasures of King Tutankhamun, Fall 2021

Ryerson’s Life Institute – Developed and Taught 5 courses since 2017:

  • Egypt’s Pyramids: Meaning, Making and Metaphor
  • Age of the Pharaohs: Survey course of Egyptian history predynastic to the 21st Dynasty
  • Wonders of Egypt, 
  • Fall of Egypt: From the Late Period through the Arab Conquest
  • Treasures of Tutankhamun

Ancient Egypt Professional Academic Conferences:

  • ARCE (American Research Centre in Egypt) Richmond Virginia conference 2016:  Linens of Hathor
  • SSEA Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities: Old Kingdom Art: Moustaches on Statuary/Reliefs
  • ARCE (American Research Centre in Egypt) Annual Conference  Old Kingdom Art  April 2021

Public lectures and presentations:

  • Archaeology Institute of America, Toronto at the Archaeology Centre University of Toronto “Charles Currelly and the Archaeological Foundations of the ROM” November 26, 2022
  • Trent University: Ancient Egypt Day (Hieroglyphs and Tutankhamun Lecture with Lunch) December 3, 2022
  • Toronto Library (various locations 2013-2018)
  • Cobourg and Port Hope Libraries (2017-2022)
  • Cobourg and Port Hope Garden Societies: Flora of the Pharaohs (2017 & 2018
  • Cobourg Historical Society: Canadians on the Nile

THE Museum in Kitchener

  • Lecturer for Egyptian Dialogues 2014 & 2015 (Akhenaten: Mad Tyrant or Tragic Hero
  • Ancient Egypt Day – Expert, Content creator and educator 2017 March Break Week_
    • Hieroglyphs, gods, mythology & Pyramids

Oakville Museum

  • Tutmania three-day event 2015 including the Tutankhamun tomb discovery, mummification and hieroglyphics workshops
  •  Hair in Ancient Egypt 2017

Niagara Falls Museum

  • 4-part lecture series on Egypt Summer and Fall 2017
    • Niagara on the Nile
    • 1000 Miles up the Nile travel presentation
    • Hieroglyphs 101
    • Tutmania

Toronto Board of Education: Registered Partner for Egypt in the classroom 2017-2020

Lecture & Course Testimonials

Your lectures are the highlight of this entire pandemic!!! Your mastery of the knowledge, your unique experiences and your joyful presentations skills sharing this information is extraordinary.”


Julie Bushra

Julie Bushra
Student, Wonderful Things, Life Death and Treasures of Tutankhamun

Julie sent us a lovely video message thanking Laura for her course – which delighted many LLIR Glendon Students.

“I am thoroughly enjoying your lectures on ancient Egypt…  you make the lectures very alive.

Thanks for making a complicated history of the pharaohs so easy to  follow.”


“I have attended a great many lectures, talks, and so on, on Egypt, but yours is the first one that has been comprehensible.


Your enthusiasm on the topic of Egypt and archaeology is so contagious. I am thoroughly enjoying your weekly lectures …Thank you for broadening my mind and increasing my brain cells too:)”


Course Topics Immediately Available

(Other topics in Ancient Egypt available on request)

1. Wonderful Things: The Life, Death and Treasures of Tutankhamun

In November 1922 – almost 100 years ago – the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and magnificent gold treasures shook the world. This minor king of Egypt died before his 20th birthday and yet his legacy is one of the most extraordinary in all of ancient history. In this special in-depth art and history course, we tell the fascinating story of King Tut and learn the astonishing details of his life, death and tomb discovery by Carter and Lord Carnarvan. We’ll also explore the most remarkable of his 3000 treasures – penetrating the secrets behind these true masterpieces of ancient art – which today are being conserved and restored for the new Grand Egyptian Museum.

2. Egypt’s Pyramids: Meaning, Making and Metaphor

The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the last surviving wonder of the world – and it is just one of 138 pyramids remaining in Egypt, an enduring symbol of the Pharaoh’s eternity. Why and when were these great structures made – what were the hidden meanings behind their magnificence? This Egyptologist-led course will serve to dispel some of the mysteries and myths surrounding the pyramids of Egypt – and reveal some surprising truths behind these awe-inspiring edifices. Students will get an intriguing and insightful introduction into the history, architecture/design, builders and chronology of the Egyptian pyramids. We will also learn about the legendary kings, architects, archaeologists, builders and explorers who are essential players in pyramid history.

3. Age of the Pharaohs: A whirlwind history of Ancient Egypt

Spanning more than 3000 years, Ancient Egypt is among the greatest civilizations the world has known. Join us for a whirlwind journey – from the time before the Pyramids through the birth of language and religious thought, through the Valley of the Kings and Tuts golden treasures, Ramses triumphs — all the way to the Greeks and Romans. This course will take you on a rich and engaging adventure exploring the great events, characters, beliefs and tremendous feats of art and architecture that characterized this magnificent era. You will achieve a certain understanding of the course of Egyptian history while you remain endlessly fascinated by these great ancient people.

4. Wonders of Egypt: The Great Tombs, Temples and Towns of the Pharaohs

They are some of the most storied ancient sites in the world. And the greatest wonders of man. The great buildings and architectural works of the ancient Egyptians never fail to mesmerize. Who built them? Why and how were they constructed? How were they conceived and used by kings, priests and commoners?  And what did they look like 3000 years ago? From the Pyramids of Giza and King’s valley to Karnak Temple… Come take an armchair tour down the Nile with Egyptologist Laura Ranieri Roy and explore in-depth the awe-inspiring pyramids, towns, temples and structures of this great civilization that continue to make Egypt a land of endless fascination.

5. Fall of Egypt: From Ramses to the Arab Conquest

Foreign invasions, decentralization, mass immigration: the greatness that was Egypt underwent a turbulent millennium of change, resurgence and finally decline. After the golden age of the great Pharaohs, Egypt was ruled by a rotating cast of colourful foreign kings and conquerors… from the Libyans and Nubians through the Assyrians to the Greeks and finally the Romans. With the coming of Christianity, the final vestiges of its great pagan culture was finally erased. This exciting course will tell the story of Egypt’s dramatic and often poorly understood fall from greatness, from 1000 BCE through 600 AD, with fascinating characters like Ramses III, Taharqa, Alexander the Great and Queen Cleopatra as lead players in the endlessly intriguing drama.

6. The Greeks in Egypt

Learn the stories of the famous Ptolemies, the great Herodotus – and the famous artists, traders, mariners and conquerors who transformed Egypt.

We will explore the colourful connections between Greece and Egypt. Learn about the trade relationships, the artists, the important Greeks who made an impact in Egypt. We will cover how the great Greek civilization ultimately derived insight from the Egyptians, adopted their gods and afterlife beliefs to form their own great civilization. Finally, we will tell the story of the Ptolemies – and how the Greeks ultimately conquered and ruled Egypt after the coming of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE.

7. The New Kingdom Temples of Ancient Egypt

Great houses of the gods. Mansions of millions of years for resurrected kings. Cult centres of magnificence, pomp and circumstance where lavish festivals were held. The Great Temples of Egypt’s New Kingdom continue to mesmerize visitors even in their colossal-ruined state today. How were these great places built? What was the symbolism at play? How did they function as the centre of society? And what about the great rituals and celebrations enacted within their sacred walls?

In this 4-part course, we will enter the temples to reveal their many secrets. We will also take a look at iconic temples: Temple of Seti at Abydos, Denderah Temple, Luxor Temple, The Great Aten Temple, Hatshepsut Temple & Medinet Habu, Ramses III last great temple of Pharaonic Egypt.

Lectures on Ancient Egypt

(1 to 1.5 hours in length)

  1. King Akhenaten: Mad Tyrant or Tragic Hero
    Discover the drama of the Amarna period and meet Egypt’s most eccentric king
  2. Valley of the Kings: Explore Egypt’s Most Famous Tombs
    Learn about the history, building and decoration pattens in King’s Valley
  3. Hieroglyphics 101: Write Like a Pharaoh (and learn the history of this ancient language’s rediscovery)
  4. Flora of the Pharoahs
    The trees, flowers, fruits and gardens of Ancient Egypt
  5. Cairo: A Vibrant and Victorious city
    Immerse yourself in the history and wonders of this storied city
  6. Tutmania
    The discovery of the wondrous tomb of King Tutankhamun – and how it ignited the world.
  7. 1000 miles up the Nile
    A travel talk that takes the listener on a wonderful, visual journey up the Nile, visiting the sites
  8. Canadians on the Nile
    Learn how Canadians like ROM founder Charles Currelly and 19th century intrepid explorers from Niagara, Cobourg and Montreal traveled up the Nile and made an impact on archaeology and Ancient Egypt collections in Canada
  9. Hair in Ancient Egypt 
    Wigs, hair pieces, moustaches and the latest coiffures. Learn how the Egyptians cared for their hair – and the fashions that defined. We will look at some wonderful Egyptian art and artifacts,
  10. Fur-ever Friends – Dogs and Cats in Ancient Egypt
    From pets to hunting companions to deities revered in shrines, learn about the important and varied roles dogs and cats played in Ancient Egypt.
  11. The Mummy!
    Learn about mummification practices in Ancient Egypt.