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Our tours aim to please. Well, not just please – but rather to thrill, astound – and go way beyond expectations. We go to great lengths to ensure every traveler has an amazing experience.

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I cannot recommend this trip highly enough. Every part of the tour was executed brilliantly under Anna’s watchful eye. Ramy, Laura and Francois generously shared their insights as we moved from one splendour to another even greater. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.”

Jackie Murphy

“This was such a fantastic tour and experience. We saw so many interesting sites – pyramids, temples, mosques and unique opportunities for fun adventures such as camels and hot air balloon rides. The guides had so much knowledge and really brought everything to life and made it such a rich experience. I’m so glad I took this trip! A big thanks to Anna, Ramy, Laura and Francois for making it so memorable.”
Shannon Battersby

The trip was my favorite ever tour without exception. The advantage of having you Laura, your fabulous husband and Ramy to fill in details was so helpful.  We really did live that ancient society and it did come alive… I almost signed up for your November tour too! Truly, the trip would not have been as good without you all and I only hope another trip with the same wonderful people is in my future.”
Jan Wilhelm

“This was an amazing trip. We saw the best of all the sites, avoided crowds and got access into tombs (Saqqara) that were magical and uncrowded. Incredible value, well organized and led. Best tour I have ever gone on – so good, I will repeat it again next year!
Samantha Denham

This was one of the best trips I have taken. I have traveled with many tour groups and on my own and found Your Journey impressive on all levels. I would travel with them again.”
Sandrajean Wainwright, Executive

“We were looking, for the hundredth time, at our photos from Egypt and feeling incredibly fortunate to have been there with Your Journey on this trip of a lifetime. You looked after every detail, went above and beyond to guarantee our safety and comfort while enriching our lives with sites and experiences beyond words. Accommodations, hotels and Nile cruise line transportation and restaurants were all exceptional. Choice of sites  and activities, from tombs & temples to sunrise balloon rides over the Valley of the Kings, breathtaking , with the addition of the knowledge and experience provided by you and Ramy, giving us 2 Egyptologists for a wonderful educational experience. In addition we truly enjoyed your company and the inclusiveness which permeated through our group. We hope to travel with you again soon.”
Linda and Micky Potovsky

“Yours and Anna’s tour with Ramy as our guide was absolutely the best there is. I would take off again with you all to Egypt with a moments notice if I could!””
Diane Genereaux

Our Pyramids and Temples trip was a highlight in our extensive travels. Anna MacKay and Laura Ranieri always made sure that we were well cared for and we enjoyed every minute of the trip. It had been a dream of mine to see the pyramids, sphinx, tombs and to travel up the Nile. The experience was exciting, educational and we had the company of a small group who became friends. We highly recommend this tour … and would definitely travel with them again.”
Karen and Brian Markham

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