Egypt Travel Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about safety, tour pricing, flights, visas, and more. Prepare for your Egyptian adventure with our helpful Q&A!

Is Egypt safe?

It’s a question we get constantly, both after the Arab Spring in 2011, COVID – and now after the unrest in Gaza.

The answer we firmly believe is YES – or we would not be running our tours. In fact, we feel in today’s uncertain world, Cairo, Luxor and Aswan – are all comparatively safe places to travel. Just ask our travellers who have been with us recently. We have never had any incidents in the 12 plus years of running tours. (On a personal note, as a woman, I also feel very safe walking around cities and towns in Egypt – even at night!)

The official US/Canada advisory is to “exercise caution” – the same warning they have for many countries including Mexico. If, however, you are booked on one of our tours and it changes to a “do not travel” to the regions in Egypt we are going, we will of course refund.

The only caveat to travel in Egypt is we highly recommend a fully escorted and deluxe tour like ours. This will protect you from some of the complexities and potential “scams” and harassment you can encounter travelling through Egypt. Egypt can be a tricky country to navigate – so you want to be sure your experience of the sites is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Pricing: why are some tours less expensive than yours? Or more expensive?

You must compare apples to apples. Our Egyptologist-led and created tours include almost everything except international flights and a few meals and special options (like the balloon tour).

They are high-quality (food, accommodation, boat) and fully escorted with special curated experiences, end to end. We also have a proven 10-plus year track record with very happy travelers, many who call it their best tour ever. 

The guides, the fixers, the transport – are all superlative. the fact we handle the backsheesh and include so many extras along the way. We hope you’ll agree we offer extraordinary value.

Don’t trust your one-in-a-lifetime Egypt tour to just any tour company! You may end up with a less than smooth experience – or paying more than you think locally!

On the other hand, you may see other tours that are much more expensive. That’s because they have to mark up a lot more – or may not get the competitive rates we do. We are a very small company with low overhead …and our margins are very small. Plus our local operator provides us with superlative rates we pass on to you.

What about flights to Egypt?

Our tours start in Cairo, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

You will be met at Cairo airport when you disembark by our friendly rep, escorted to the hotel and assisted with check-in.

Your international flight is NOT included in the tour price. But you will always have airport transfers.

Why do you price your tours in USD?

USD is a widely accepted currency in Egypt and we must pay our local operators in that currency to secure all our hotels. transport, cruise, drivers, sites and guides.

Though we are a Canadian company we do process your tour deposits and payments in USD. This also protects us and you against fluctuating currency rates.

Do you provide packing tips, local customs, tipping and detailed information I should know before I go?

Absolutely! We equip all our travellers with a comprehensive “trip kit” document covering all the things you may need to know before you go – from currency and tipping to climate, history, shopping – and packing tips. Also ask us for our excellent recommended reading list.

What about an Egyptian Visa?

Depending on what nationality you are (including Americans), you can usually purchase your visa on arrival for about $25 USD. For Canadians, you must apply through the Egyptian consulate. Please ask us for the current procedure when booking.

Am I physically fit enough for your tours? Too old or young?

Our tours are for all ages – and we have had travellers aged in their 20s to their 80s. That said, generally our travellers are a bit more mature (50 plus) and really interested in an immersion into ancient history. We have more adventurous types who will clamber into the pyramids and ride a camel up to a monastery – and also those more cautious, some may have a walking stick and prefer to marvel at the wonders at a slower pace.

We’ve also had parents and kids, aunts and nieces – so multiple generations are welcome. Just bring an inquiring mind!

What is the deposit required and final payment schedule?

We usually ask for $250 USD non-refundable to hold your seat. The next deposit is 8 months prior to the tour when we require the next 20%. The final is due 60 days prior to the tour.

Manetheo an Egyptian Priest
Manetheo an Egyptian Priest
Manetheo an Egyptian Priest