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Tutankhamun Head in Lotus

Tutankhamun Painted Box

Guardian Statue

Discovering Tutankhamun

Discovering Tutankhamun

Carter early in career


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1. New Kingdom Egypt and the Amarna Period

2. Valley of the Kings

3. Howard Carter

4. The Tutankhamun Tomb Discovery

  • Tutankhamun in Colour
    And a wonderful 2020 BBC documentary with Dr. Elizabeth Frood, associate professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford on the Tutankhamun tomb discovery
  • Curse of the Pharaoh
    Defying the curse that has haunted their family for three generations, a member of the Carnarvon family returns to the site of Tutankhamun’s tomb for the first time in 75 years. In 1922 the fifth Earl of Carnarvon died from an infected mosquito bite just weeks after.
  • The Man who Shot Tutankhamun
    This is the story of Harry Burton, one of the great heroes of British photography. As the official photographer for Howard Carter’s Tutankhamun excavation during the 1920s, Burton created some of the 20th Century’s most famous images and helped to make Tutankhamun an international sensation.
  • Egypt’s first photographer – and the Tut discovery – Laura’s Exclusive Interview!
    Laura Ranieri Roy Interviews Ehab Gaddis OBE – Grandson of Egypt’s first photographer in Tutankhamun discovery years – an August 2021 exclusive from the Winter Palace
  • King Tutankhamun and Treasures documentaries
    A 2017 PBS documentary detailing the world’s greatest archaeological find. See treasures from the Tomb of King Tut and learn about the story behind their discovery
  • Sound of Tutankhamun’s Trumpets Played after 200 years
  • Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered (Full Documentary)