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Sideways, Stiff and Striding: Why did the Egyptians draw that way?

In Ancient Egypt, there were no “art galleries”. There was little or no “artistic expression” – art based on the artist’s own feelings or personal thoughts. There were, however, craftsmen of great skill responsible for extensive and magnificent works – the crowning glory of the ancient world. Here are some FAQs about ancient Egyptian art.

The Whys of Wonderful Things

Mysteries around Tutankhamun’s Great Legacy – 100 years after the tomb discovery
Tutankhamun was a minor king. Very minor. He ruled Egypt for less than a decade. He was a mere child when he became king more than 3500 years ago, a lame club-footed child, and died under uncertain circumstances before the age of 20. His great deeds were minimal. His true personality is unknown. Even his famous reformation stele reflects the voices of his adult advisors Aye, Maya and Horemheb who really ruled the country.

Yet, Tutankhamun has become the most famous and best-known king from ancient Egypt. In this regard, young Tut has indeed achieved eternal life. Especially if you believe a human soul lives on through the thinking and speaking of his or her name. Who hasn’t spoken his name at one point or another?

My First Visit to ROM’s Egyptian Collection

Right here in Toronto, there is a collection of Egyptian artifacts on the third floor of the Royal Ontario Museum. It was gathered by Charles Trick Currelly, an early Canadian archaeologist and the founder of ROM. This collection was the foundational collection of the original museum which opened in 1914.

Some Hidden Delights of Cairo

I love Cairo. It invigorates me. It awakens all my senses – the blast of car horns and Muezzin's call to prayer over tinny loudspeakers. The soaring, spiraling 10,000 and more minarets that pierce the sooty sky. The diesel fumes, apple shisha, and hot oil from shawarma stands. I have walked its chaotic, colourful streets during more than a dozen visits… and this 1500 year city never gets old.

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“THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener worked in partnership with Laura Ranieri, from Ancient Egypt Alive, to help create and deliver authentic and dynamic programming during our annual Unwrapping Egypt Education Week. She was a wealth of knowledge and helped to augment our offerings to make an incredibly great week for the students.”

Anna Wilson

Manager of Education Programs, THEMUSEUM

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