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Immerse yourself in the wonders of Egypt on a deluxe and in-depth small group tour.

Tutankhamun Talk

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All about the Rosetta Stone

200-year celebration: Champollion, the basalt slab & how the hieroglyphic code was cracked. In September 1822, the eureka moment happened. An impoverished young French scholar, Jean Francois Champollion, made a giant leap forward to solve the mystery of the hieroglyphic writing system and read what was on the Rosetta Stone.

Image of Tuts mask and coffin against luminous background at Beyond King Tut immersive show

Special Report: Beyond King Tut Immersive Experience Opens

...As you enter the experience you are wrapped in darkness, the tone immediately set. Dimly lit, tomb-like spaces, bright blue, gold, and brown colours meet the eyes, provide to instill both a sense of comfort and wonder about what is to be revealed. The first space is...

Seeking Ancient Egypt in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona...home to the great works of Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia... and a surprisingly rich Egyptian museum with outstanding ancient Egyptian artifacts on three floors...Explore our top five artifacts in the Museu Barcelona... the brainchild of Egyptophilecollector and hotelier Jordi Clos.

Celebrating fatherhood in Ancient Egypt.

Surely most fathers will be spending today relaxing with their families: having brunch, reading special postcards, emails, or texts from those children who are far away. In Ancient Egypt, however, the way that father's bonded with their children were different…

Need a lively Egypt expert – to provide a course, lecture, or speak at your event?

Learn about Egyptologist Laura Ranieri Roy who has been teaching, lecturing, writing and bringing Egyptian history Alive for nearly a decade!

Laura in Egypt

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“THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener worked in partnership with Laura Ranieri, from Ancient Egypt Alive, to help create and deliver authentic and dynamic programming during our annual Unwrapping Egypt Education Week. She was a wealth of knowledge and helped to augment our offerings to make an incredibly great week for the students.”

Anna Wilson

Manager of Education Programs, THEMUSEUM

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