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Learn about pharaohs, pyramids, mummies ...and all great things  ancient Egyptian.

Our workshops include:

  1. Write like an Egyptian: Learn the basics of Hieroglyphs- the history & how to write the alphabet. Each student will complete the session by writing his/her name in a cartouche.
  2. Mummy Mania: An eerie and intriguing look at Egyptian mummies: The history, the methods and the meaning with lively mummification demonstration and cool objects.
  3. The Egyptian Pyramid: Learn about the amazing pyramids of Egypt –Penetrate the secrets behind the wonders – and get into the minds of the Pharaohs
  4. Egyptian Art: Learn the special way the ancients drew and carved reliefs. We’ll look at their tools and talents and analyze some great works of Egyptian art. Then draw our own.
  5. Egyptian Gods: Meet the colourful pantheon of Egyptian gods - mainly animals. Learn what special role they each played. Then, let’s do a fun craft(mask) and/or drama workshop.
  6. Egyptian Drama and Magic: Drama and recitals were an integral part of Egyptian culture - and thought to help in magical transformation - like the journey to the afterlife – Let’s become gods and goddesses and act out some fun Egyptian myths, readings and rituals.  
  7.  “So you want to be an Archaeologist?”: Let our expert share real-life adventures of digging under the sands of Egypt . Learn what it’s really like to work on an archaeology dig!

Plus: Kings/queens, nature, myths, religion, land & river, cosmos & more (custom workshops on demand)

PRICING ―$500 a half day; $750 a day ($250 for an individual workshop)

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Why you need a qualified Egyptologist:

Ancient Egypt may look fun and straightforward – but teaching it requires special expertise. Even when instructing young students, the subject matter is complex and full of nuance. To do it justice and to accurately respond to the onslaught of enthusiastic student questions, special training and deep knowledge is required. The language system alone is among the most complex in the world – and the religion, art, architecture and mortuary rituals are beyond complicated!

Ancient Egypt Alive brings you:

  • 7 intense years of study covering the language, history, art, religion and archaeology
  • Advanced degrees in the materials (Minimum Masters Degree)
  • Vibrant story-telling skills and a rich children’s theatre background
  • Hands-on archaeology experience in Egypt to inform and enliven our teachings.
  • Artist educator certification – we know how to teach and meet your curriculum guidelines!