About Us - Old

Since inception, we have provided educational programming for:

Toronto Public Library System, The Oakville Museum, Niagara Falls Museum, Kitchener’s THE MUSEUM (Egyptian Dialogues and Ancient Egypt Week for Kids 2017), the SSEA, ARCE and The  Cobourg Historical Society – to name a few. We also teach at Ryerson’s Life Institute for Seniors and are now proud to be an official partner of the Toronto District School Board!

Why Choose Us:

Are you a closet Egyptophile? A diehard lover of ancient history? Whether you have a little knowledge or a lot, look to us for an abundance of Pharaonic-age wonder!

No organization in the world offers this unique lineup of experiences:

  • Inspiring & engaging learning, lectures, workshops, and courses on Ancient Egypt subjects for all ages and levels --- based on scholarship but never dry or too academic. <Check our calendar> (link to calendar)
  • Deluxe and high-quality small group tours to Egypt
  • Unique Museum tours -- weekend trips to vibrant cities across North America to experience private tours of ancient civilizations collections - and more <link to museum tours>
  • Children’s Ancient Egypt workshops for Elementary Schools, Museums and Libraries - We are proud to be an official  Toronto District School Board (TDSB) partner
  • Museum & library programs and talks: Create a crowd-pleasing ancient Egypt event in your cultural institution
  • Vibrant video and blog content - like our unique “Conversations With Egyptologists” Series
  • Online courses - coming soon!

We are also proud to fundraise for important cultural and archaeological projects in Ancient Egypt.

Since 2012, we have raised more than $4000 USD for the Amarna Trust alone!